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‘ON THE WING - HUIA’ Textile Print

‘ON THE WING - HUIA’ Textile Print

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Limited edition fine art Giclee print reproduced from my original textile artwork.  Archival print quality, outstanding reproduction of colours and textures.

The Huia were once common in NZ, now extinct and an iconic bird to capture artistically with their striking black and white feathers, distinctive long beak shape and colourful wattles. Huia are exotic looking birds and have a mythical attraction to me in my artwork. Stitched using free-style embroidery techniques on cotton and viscose.

Dimensions 250mm x 200mm, on Cold Press cardstock 290mm x 240mm, white

Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist.

Printed to order, please allow two weeks for delivery.

Prints are carefully rolled and packaged in a plastic tube to avoid bending.  Please unpack your print carefully and avoid touching the print surface.  Please display your print out of direct sunlight.